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Yemeni army shoots 12 coalition mercenaires, including Saudi soldier in Asir

ASIR, Feb. 14 (YPA) – Sniper units of the Yemeni army on Friday managed to shoot 12 coalition-backed mercenaries, including a Saudi soldier in Asir region, a military official said.

According to the official, a Saudi soldier was killed in Sniping attack, which took place in eastern Majaza, while 11 others mercenaries  were killed and wounded in sniping operations that took place in  Alb, Abwab al-Hadeed area and eastern Majaza.

Earlier in the day, the army forces repelled an attack carried out by mercenaries loyal to Saudi-led coalition in Abwab al-Hadeed district, killing and injuring several of them.

On Thursday, the Yemeni army and popular committees also repelled a large-scale attack of coalition-backed mercenaries toward Majaza front.

Dozens of the mercenaries were killed and injured during repelling their attack. The attack of the mercenaries lasted for three hours without achieving any progress.