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Shura Council discusses securing, protecting Red Sea

SANAA, Feb. 13 (YPA) – A seminar was held on Wednesday at the Shura Council on securing and protecting the Red Sea and its islands and the Strait of Bab al-Mandab from international conflicts, in the presence of Deputies Speaker of the Council Abdo Mohammad al-Jundi and Mohammed Nasser al-Bukhaiti.

At the seminar, al-Junaid praised the big victories achieved by the army forces and popular committees on the various fronts.

He said that “the people of Yemen today are more aware of the conspiracies that target the homeland and its unity, and aimed at plundering its wealth and destroying its capabilities.”

In turn, al-Bukhaiti noted that securing and protecting the Red Sea and its islands and the Strait of Bab al-Mandab by the army heroes comes within the framework of liberation from the forces of global hegemony and arrogance.

Deputy Head of the preparatory committee for the seminar, the Shura Council’s member Mohammed al-Kibsi, stressed the importance of developing a strategy to protect and secure the Red Sea from conflicts and the freedom of international shipping in a way that does not contradict the sovereign right of the countries bordering the Red Sea, including Yemen.

The closing statement of the seminar, read by the head of the media and culture committee in the Council Fatima Mohammed bin Mohammed, denounced the silence and complicity of the United Nations on the continued violation of Stockholm Agreement by the aggression coalition through targeting innocent citizens and fishermen.

The statement affirmed the sovereign right of the Republic of Yemen to defend its coasts, islands and regional sovereignty in accordance with international covenants and laws.

The statement expressed the rejection of any new agreements between the countries bordering the Red Sea and in particular the so-called Jeddah and Cairo agreements that target the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yemen.