YEMEN Press Agency

Report: 21 Saudi-led airstrikes hit several Yemeni provinces

SANAA, Feb. 3 (YPA) – The US-backed Saudi-led coalition stepped up its airstrikes on several Yemeni provinces, while the coalition-backed forces continued to violate the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah during the past 24 hours, a security official said on Monday.

In Hodeidah, the coalition forces used heavy machine guns to attack the joint attachment point in kilo 16 area, and fired over 15 artillery and 7 mortar shells on residential areas in Dhabayani neighborhood and 50th Street in the city, damaging dozens of homes.They also targeted civilians’ farms and homes in Jablyah area of Tuhayta district by 36 artillery shells.

Moreover, the coalition’s forces targeted Jah-Aala area in Bait-Faqih district with mortars, artillery shells and shots of machine guns. Meanwhile, bulldozers of coalition’s forces established new fortifications at kilo-16 area

Furthermore, the coalition gunmen fired 15 shells and use various machine guns houses to attack of citizens in the besieged city of Durayhimi District, causing material losses.

In Jawf, the coalition warplanes launched two airstrikes on Jawf junction, two others on  Khub Washaef district, and an airstrike on al-Maton district.

In Sana’a, the Saudi fighter jets waged six airstrikes on several parts of Nihm district.

In Marib, the coalition conducted three airstrikes targeting Sirwah and Majazara districts.

In Saada, the official indicated that the warplanes launched seven airstrikes on Boqa area and Shurfah site in Najran region, and dropped a sound bomb at the Salama area in Al-Shaghadira district in Hajjah province, while populated villages in the Border District of Razih were hit by rocket and artillery fire.