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Southern politician reveals violations, crimes financial corruption in southern provinces

SANAA, Jan. 18 (YPA) – A southern politician and journalist on Saturday revealed many violations and crimes being committed in the southern provinces.

“There are economic, social and cultural violations related to citizens and their lives, which that have increased their suffering,” the journalist Mohammed Numan said.

Many hospitals in the southern provinces lack qualified staff, modern equipment, and medicines, in addition to the occurrence of fatal medical errors, some of which caused the death of a number of patients, in the absence of monitoring the performance of hospitals and health facilities, Numan explained.

He indicated that there is a significant deterioration in the educational aspect, as government schools lack the buildings equipped with school requirements and furniture, especially in the provinces of Abyan and Lahj, in addition to the lack of maintenance of many schools in Aden.

The educational curricula are no longer appropriate to the path of educational developments that the world is witnessing, he added.

The journalist touched on the services side, saying: “Aden and the rest of the southern provinces, which are under the control of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council and Hadi’s government, lack the basic services necessary for the continuation of life such as water, electricity and sanitation.”

The aspect of cleanness is neglected as well, and the garbage is accumulated in most of the streets and neighborhoods of cities, causing the spread of diseases and deadly epidemics that claim the lives of citizens almost daily, Numan added.

He accused Hadi’s government of employing the sons of officials and influential people in the government, ignoring the rest of the youth who had finished their university education, in addition to stealing and wasting public money.