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US channel TV closes office in Baghdad, lays down staff

SANAA, Jan. 14 (YPA) – On Monday, Alhurra TV closed its office in Baghdad, and laid down its employees because of “threats” against it, sources reported.

“On Monday night, we received an email from the administration in Washington stating that the Baghdad office was closed and we were laid off,” Russia Today News Agency, citing employees of the channel.

One employee said: “The content of the mail says that because of the growing concern for your life, we have decided that the 15th of next month will be your last working day, and we thank you for your efforts, and if we decide to return work in Baghdad we will contact you, and your rights will be guaranteed.”

Earlier on Monday, Alhurra TV issued a statement claiming that “the network has received serious information about possible attacks by militias on the office in Baghdad”.