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Canada sends team to Iran to investigate Ukrainian plane crash

SANAA, Jan. 13 (YPA) – Canadian Foreign Minister Francois-Philippe Champaign said that a team of investigators has gone to Iran to investigate the incident in which the Ukrainian plane was shot down.

Reuters quoted Champaign as saying that three members of the rapid deployment team had flown to Iran to establish an operating base and that eight others would travel on Monday.

“We expect all the team members to arrive to do their important work by January 14,” Champaign said.

Iran had admitted that its forces accidentally shot down the plane on Wednesday, killing 176 people, all of whom were on board.

He noted that the team will include consular officials and members of the Transportation Safety Authority of Canada.

The Transportation Safety Authority said it would send a second team of investigators specializing in loading and analyzing plane records.

It is mentioned that Canada has no diplomatic relations with Iran.