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Sanaa proves its land, sea, air ability to protect its territory

Special Analysis by YPA Staff

SANAA, Nov. 30 (YPA) – For the past five years, the neutralization and of Saudi-led coalition aircraft and getting them out of service has been a concern for Sanaa.

Sanaa knows very well that air force superiority and aerial bombardment are what the coalition is betting on in its battle in Yemen, and once the coalition loses the advantage of air superiority, the course of the battle on the ground will change.

Although the coalition launched its first strikes on Yemeni air defenses to make room for its planes to violate Yemeni territory, Sanaa did not stand idly by and accept the reality that the coalition tried to impose on Yemeni territory.

Since the beginning of the war, Sanaa has realized that it is impossible to obtain air defense weapons from abroad.

Over the past five years, local military experts have developed and upgraded air defense missiles, linking them to radar, electro-optical, electromagnetic devices and sensors and to monitor flying objects and target them directly.

From the first day of entry in the military service, these missiles proved their effectiveness and the efforts of Sanaa succeeded. It was able to shoot down a number of spy planes that were roaming the skies of Yemen and transmitting images to the coalition military operations rooms, including American MQ spy planes and Chinese “Wing Long” spy planes.

But the impact of these defensive missiles has been limited to warplanes, F-16s and Apache planes that use the latest technology to deal with air defense weapons. Sanaa had to introduce new and modern air defense technologies to solve this dilemma.

However, Sanaa has overcome this dilemma and obtained air defense weapons that can deal with Apache planes and F-16s.

On Friday, Sanaa announced the downing of an Apache aircraft in Majaza area off Asir region while conducting hostile actions, and this is a proof that Sanaa has become possessing advanced air defense weapons with very modern techniques.

Downing an Apache was only the beginning of a major air battle to be fought by Sanaa with the coalition air force.

Certainly, we will soon see the downing of F-16s. Who is able to down the Apache, he can shoot down other planes.

Sanaa is marching in steady and studied steps. After it proved its military capability in the drones and long-range ballistic missiles reaching deep into the territory of the coalition countries, and its ground superiority in the operation of “Nasr Min Allah” carried out by the army and popular committees in Najran on the Saudi border, as well as its maritime superiority by holding three Ships penetrated Yemeni territorial waters off the Red Sea coast, here it is now directing a deadly blow to the coalition by neutralizing its air force and closes Yemen’s airspace to its warplanes.

Thus, the coalition has lost all the elements of power it possesses and depends on in its war on Yemen, and Sanaa has proved in practice its ability to protect its territory in land, sea and air.


Translated by Basheer Masnoor