YEMEN Press Agency

Political activist’s car stolen at gunpoint in Aden

ADEN, Nov. 14 (YPA) – Unidentified gunmen on Thursday robbed the political activist Walid Melhi’s car after forcing him to disembark from it at gunpoint in the southern Yemeni port city of Aden.

Mallhi said that he was inside his car in front of his house, in Al-Qasr neighborhood of al-Mansoura area, when the gunmen surprised him asking him at gunpoint to get out of the car and then they fled by it to an unknown destination.

He added that the incident occurred in front of the eyes of citizens in the Palace Street, denouncing the security chaos has been witnessed by the city of Aden in recent years.

Aden has recently witnessed many armed robberies on employees’ salaries and crimes of kidnapping girls from the main streets, amid chaos and insecurity that the city has never seen in its history, in light of the spread of armed militias loyal to the UAE and Saudi Arabia since the second half of 2015.