YEMEN Press Agency

Al-Sami: Coalition-led piracy on oil ships refers to serious escalation

SANAA, Oct. 10 (YPA) – The Supreme Political Council’s member Sultan al-Sami said on Thursday that a piracy led by the Saudi-led coalition states in seizing ships carrying oil derivatives is a dangerous escalation and consequences.

Al-Sami said in a statement obtained by Yemeni Press Agency that the coalition escalation refer to a clear and flagrant violation for the UN-sponsored Stockholm Agreement.

The member added “the UN holds responsible for deteriorating imminent consequent health and an environmental and humanitarian disaster as a result of holding oil tankers by the aggression coalition.”

Al-Sami said that the aggression countries should benefit from the initiative announced by the political council president Mahdi Mashat and show good will for ending the war and siege on the Yemeni people and achieving peace and stability.

He pointed out that the maritime piracy committed by the coalition countries on Yemen by seizing ships of oil and food derivatives is no different from the terrorists and piracy that committed against international merchant ships in the Red Sea.