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National Salvation Government marks 3rd anniversary of ” Grand Hall Massacre”

SANAA, Oct. 9 (YPA) –  The capital’s secretariat on Tuesday organized an event to commemorate the third anniversary of the ” Grand Hall Massacre” that was committed by Saudi-led aggression warplanes, in which 132 people were killed and 783 were wounded.

The event was attended by a member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed al-Nuaimi, parliament Speaker, Yahya Ali al-Ra’i and Speaker of the Shura Council, Mohammed Hussein Al-Eidros.

Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor said, “The Grand Hall massacre  committed by the Saudi-led aggression left much pain, but at the same time it motivated the Yemeni people and their leadership to continue the battle of struggle, heroism and legendary steadfastness.”

“This anniversary obliges all of us, as a political council, a government, two houses of parliament and Shura, and other bodies and organizations of society to maintain this stability and to have in our calculation that we salute, remember and preserve these martyrs’ long history, which was brought together by the cause of the homeland,” he added.

The Prime Minister saluted the steadfastness of the Yemeni people and their powerful heroes, the army and popular committees, who, after five years of aggression, were able to launch decisive and painful military strikes on economic facilities in Saudi Arabia.

He pointed out that the world will remember at this moment the wounds and will realize that the Yemeni’s moaning of pain and the souls of its sons have turned into a great burden on him.

“Today, after five years since the aggression has begun, we resist and get more cohesive and united, while the enemies and their supporters are divided, because the issue that we all stand for, is one Yemen and that will be based on stability in order to uphold the Yemeni people and liberate their decision,” he said.

“If we can continue our fight in this way on the verge of victory, great Yemen will be a big deal,” he concluded.