YEMEN Press Agency

Great preparations for decisive battle in Aden: Report

ADEN, Oct. 6 (YPA) – Military sources have reported that the UAE withdrew its loyal forces from the west coast of Yemen and moved them to the southern port city of Aden to support the so-called Southern Transitional Council there.

According to the sources, the so-called Al-Amaliqa brigades’ reinforcements aimed to fill the military gaps in Aden and prepare to repel any movements of Hadi’s forces and Islah Party factions located on the outskirts of neighboring province of Abyan and the city of Ataq, the capital of Shabwa province in southeast of the country.

Al-Amaliqa brigades had dispatched similar military reinforcements at the end of August and early September following the collapse of the Transitional Council’s militia and the arrival of Hadi’s forces at Al-Alam point, the eastern entrance to Aden.

The declared positions and military reinforcements have represented a point of separation between the command of Al-Amaliqa brigades loyal to the UAE and Hadi’s forces, an end of the neutrality period in the west coast and a transition to the battlefield in the southern cities.

Al-Amaliqa brigades are made up of ten brigades include more than 15,000 troops. Most of commanders and individuals belong to the Salafist movement led by Brigadier Ali Salem al-Hassani, and receive financial and military support from the United Arab Emirates.

Pro-UAE forces said in a statement that those reinforcements came within the framework of the participation of Al-Amaliqa brigades in their military operations to “fight terrorist organizations seeking to return to Aden and bring them down again”, referring to Hadi’s forces and Islah factions.