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Soldier in Shabawani elite forces killed

SHABWAH, Oct. 6 (YPA) –  Armed elements believed to be affiliated with Islah party (Yemeni branch of Muslims Brotherhood) militias assassinated a soldier in the Shabawani elite forces, which are funded by the United Arab Emirates Occupation forces in Shabwah province, eastern Yemen, local sources reported on Sunday.

According to the sources, the gunmen killed the soldier Majid al-Omari Belobeid in Bayhan district.

On Thursday, a citizen was killed and several others were injured by Hadi forces during the suppression of a protesting demonstration by the people of the occupied Shabwah province.

A citizen named Saeed Mohammed al-Qumeishi was shot dead by Islah Party militia affiliated to Hadi’s forces, who shot at demonstrators in Azzan city in Shabwa, according to sources.

A number of the demonstrators, who demanded the departure of “Hadi” forces from the city, were injured during the protest, the sources added.