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Brig. Sarie reveals details of phase I of “Nasr Min Allah” operation

SANAA, Sept. 29 (YPA) – The Yemeni army’s Spokesman Brigadier Yahya Serie on Sunday revealed details and scenes of the military operation “Nasr Min Allah” in Najran front.

In a press conference on Sunday afternoon, Brig. Serie announced the success of the first phase of the Nasr Min Allah operation called “Martyr Abu Abdullah Haidar’s Operation,” which was carried out successfully within 72 hours.

“The operation was preceded by accurate monitoring for months before luring the enemy to the largest ambush in cooperation with national elements played an important role from within the ranks of the enemy forces,” the spokesman said.

The missile force carried out nine operations targeted headquarters and military bases of the enemy, including airports, while the army’s drones waged over 20 attacks confusing the enemy forces, including an operation on a sensitive military target in Riyadh, he elaborated.

Brig. Sarie added that the air defense forces forced the enemy’s Apache helicopters and warplanes to leave the area of operations.

During the press conference, Sarie revealed that, during the first phase of the operation, 350 square kilometers of land were liberated, including sites and camps and the fall of three brigades of the Saudi army and the coalition mercenaries.

“More than 200 of the enemy fighters were killed by dozens of air raids while fleeing or surrendering,” the spokesman said. “Our forces tried to provide food and first aid to the enemy wounded as a result of the coalition airstrikes, but the continued air raids doubled their casualties,” he said.

The Yemeni air defenses did not stop responding to hostile air raids, even those that targeted the deceived mercenary groups, he added, indicating that “what happened to the deceived mercenaries is a collective genocide and this is not the first time the coalition aircrafts commit such horrendous massacres against them.”

Brig. Sarie confirmed that more than 2,000 combatants of the enemy were captured, several of them children, noting that the aggression coalition had thrust Yemeni children toward the border fronts to defend its forces and this is a big crime contrary to international laws and customs.

Most of the prisoners captured during the Nasr Min Allah operation are deceived Yemenis and there are prisoners of other nationalities, he explained.

The army’s spokesman revealed that hundreds of armored vehicles and military cars and large quantities of weapons and military equipment of various types and sizes were seized during the operation, confirming that 15 armored vehicles belonging to the enemy was burned by “lighter system.”

Sarie said that the recent operation has proved that the Saudi enemy does not care for the lives of those deceived fighters, calling on all the deceived people on the fronts of Najran, Jizan and Asir to leave their positions and return home.

He confirmed that the armed forces’ readiness to secure the return of all those who wish to return by surrendering themselves and they would receive care and attention.

“The prisoners are treated according to moral principles and humanity values and customs,” Sarie said, emphasizing that the file of prisoners is a human before it is political.