YEMEN Press Agency

UAE releases 200 convicted terrorists in Aden, Hadhramaut provinces

ADEn, Sept.12 (YPA) – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) occupation forces have on Tuesday released 200 members of various terrorist groups from secret detention facilities in Aden and Hadhramaut provinces, informed sources reported.

According to informed local sources, the UAE has released 170 extremists who had been detained for years on charges of terrorism in Bir Ahmed prison, while about 30 others were released from the UAE prison located at al-Rayyan military base in Mukalla.

The sources explained that the UAE’s release of extremist detainees came in order to control areas from which its militias have withdrawn in the wake of an advance by the forces of the Saudi-backed Hadi government.

The UAE has previously rejected orders for the prisoners’ release, and even ignored human rights reports of torture and abuses against them.

Media reports have accused Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates of supporting terrorist groups for ideological and strategic objectives, which could give it a justification for staying under the pretext of “fighting terrorism” in the movements they supported themselves.