YEMEN Press Agency

Hadi’s govt prevented from exporting Hadramout oil

HADRAMOUT, Sept. 11 (YPA) – Governor of Hadramout province Faraj Salmeen al-Bahsani loyal to Saudi-led coalition has issued directives to halt the oil export from the province by Hadi’s government, sources reported on Wednesday.

According to the sources, al-Bahsani took this decision following the government’s deliberate negligence for demands of the province people and their needs for basic services and development.

The decision comes after popular pressure on the local authority in Hadramout, and in response to not handing the province’s proportion from the proceeds of Masila oil shipments export, the sources explained.

The province of Hadramout is witnessing a noticeable collapse of service projects, most notably the electricity sector, which has been suffering for years, without taking any effective solutions by Hadi’s government.