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700 civilians dead, injured in Hodeidah by coalition fires since Sweden Agreement: Governor

HODEIDAH, Aug. 29 (YPA) – Over 200 citizens, mostly women and children, have been killed and more than 500 others injured by fire and shelling of Saudi-led aggression coalition mercenaries since the singing of Sweden Agreement in December, 2018, Governor of Hodeidah province Mohammed Quhim said on Wednesday.

The coalition’s forces and mercenaries caused damage about 200 facilities in the province districts during the same period, the governor added.

The value of the material damage estimated at more than 1.5 billion dollars, including damage caused to citizens’ homes, private and public facilities, farms and fishing centers, according to the governor.

Quhim described the situation in al-Durayhimi district as catastrophic and tragic, indicating that the aggression mercenaries have been besieging the district for almost 13 months and dealing with its residents harshly.

He noted that dozens died in al-Durayhimi as a result of preventing them from going to hospitals outside the district, and they were buried in temporary cemeteries because the mercenaries did not allow to be buried in the district’s cemeteries, and sometimes three or four persons were buried in one grave.

According to the governor, a large number of patients are still suffering amid a suspicious international silence over the crimes being committed by the coalition mercenaries against citizens in al-Durayhimi.

The governor said that the UAE occupation officers prevented the entry of a humanitarian aid convoy to the district two weeks ago.”It is regrettable that the United Nations liaison officers and the redeployment observe team, who received the news from international organizations, did not make any briefing on what happened.”