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President al-Mashat congratulates Yemeni people and its army on Eid al-Adha

SANAA, Aug. 10 (YPA) – President Mahdi al-Mashat on Saturday congratulated the Yemeni people and its army on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.

During his speech to the Yemeni people, al-Mashat affirmed the Saudi regime is working to exploit Hajj, using hatred platforms in Macca to incite the Arabic and Islamic nation and normalization with Israeli enemy entity.

Al-Mashat thanked to God on developing military industrial capacities to deter the aggression.

“We now have more military ability to target, harm the aggression and are ready for a just and honorable peace at the same time,” Al-Mashat added,” We have implemented half of Stockholm agreement on Hodeidah and open an account in the Central Bank to gather revenue to pay of State employees’ salaries.”

Al-Mashat called on the United Nations to exert more pressure on the Saudi-led coalition-backed other party to implement the UN-sponsored Stockholm agreement and reopen Sanaa airport.

Mr. President said ” What is happening today in Aden and the occupied governorates confirms the Yemeni people and its army have made a right choice to confront invaders and occupiers.

Ali Ahsan