YEMEN Press Agency

Iranian commander: War with Iran would endanger Israel’s survival

SANAA, Aug. 10 (YPA) – Israel’s existence will be threatened with “irreversible collapse” if the US and its regional allies choose to launch a new war with Iran, warned the commander of the Guardian Corps of the Islamic Revolution, Major General Hossein Salami.

Speaking at a military meeting in Kermanshah province in western Iran on Thursday, Salami said as quoted by the IRNA agency when referring to Israel, that “the enemy knows that any new war endangers the survival of the Zionist regime, and will be followed by its irreversible fall.”

“The Zionists and some of their allies do not show a desire for war today because they know that if it did, it would move to their lands,” Salami added.

According to the commander, the “enemy knows” that a resistance force has been created “in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and elsewhere”, which could threaten them in the event of a conflict.