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Iraqi forces launch major military operation in northern Baghdad

BAGHDAD, July 21 (YPA) – Iraqi forces on Sunday launched operation “Will of Victory” north of Baghdad and surrounding areas, as part of the hunt for remnants of the terrorist group ISIS there.

Iraqi Prime Minister, Abdul-Mahdi arrived at the operations center in the north of Baghdad province to “oversee” the operation in Tarmiyah and Mashahada areas.

He met with various top generals including the operation’s commanders. They briefed Abdul-Mahdi on the operation’s strategy which “aims to achieve security, stability and the rule of law” and “prevent Daesh gangs from infiltrating these areas,using them as corridors to undertake terrorist operations.

Abdul Mahdi ordered all military formations to carry out their duties with high professionalism and with the full support and cooperation of citizens, tribesmen, dignitaries and residents of the areas covered by the military operation.

“The unity of our people and their cooperation with our armed forces guarantee the provision of security and stability as well as the provision of conditions for offering services to citizens,” he said.

He therefore called on local authorities to “double” their efforts to provide basic services to “those people who have suffered from both negligence and terrorism.”

According to the site “Alsumaria News” Iraqi, that the Iraqi forces closed all the entrances to Tarmiyah district coincided with the start of the military operation.