YEMEN Press Agency

President al-Mashat meets UN Special Envoy

SANAA, July 17 (YPA) – President of the Supreme Political Council on Tuesday evening met with the UN Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths, in framework of the latter’s efforts to revive the peace process and follow up the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement.

In the meeting, the President expressed his hope that the current circumstances in the region would be exploited to achieve peace in Yemen, confirming that “peace is fixed goal whether the battle circumstances change negatively or positively.”

The President stressed at the same time that “as long as the Saudi-led coalition aggression continues, we will use everything available to strike the enemy in depth to force him to stop its aggression.”

He noted that the other party’s campaigns and actions “confirms that it does not want peace and that there are parties to the aggression will be affected by the achievement of peace, and thus they work to thwart any positive steps.”

“In light of the continued aggression, we have no choice but to face it, because it was imposed us,” the president said. “Our demand ceiling is still unchanged, which is to stop the aggression and respect the sovereignty and independence of Yemen.”

Regarding the Sweden Agreement, President al-Mashat pointed out that the army and the popular committees had carried out half of their obligations in the Hodeidah agreement unilaterally, while the other party did not implement even a step that proves it has intentions towards peace.

President al-Mashat called on the United Nations to pressure the other party to implement its obligations and press the Saudi-led aggression coalition for reopening Sanaa Airport and stopping the economic war against the Yemeni people.

He referred that since the start of negotiations on the economic file, the aggression coalition has carried out steps and measures that have worsened the suffering of the Yemeni people.

For his part, the UN envoy expressed his appreciation for the unilateral steps that have been implemented in Hodeidah, saying that “it will contribute significantly to progress forward in the peace process and end the suffering of the people of Yemen.”