YEMEN Press Agency

Yemeni Army Spokesman:  Saudi strategic objectives is  in range of our missiles


SANAA, April 10 (YPA) – Yemeni army spokesman, Sharaf Luqman, confirmed the Saudi strategic objectives is in rang of Yemen army forces’ missiles , according to exclusive statement to Yemen Press Agency on Tuesday.

Luqman  said Yemen army force  are ready to implement the president’s words in targeting strategic sites of countries of coalition, and we are not only threatening the media, but based on facts.

He pointed out that the missile, naval and air force are working to reach the stage of achieving the equation of deterrence.

Luqman confirmed that the missile force does not target civilians, but targets military units and bases and economic facilities, adding that the existing targets have strategic objectives are in the range of our fire and will be painful to the coalition.

“We have large quantities of missiles, and we have turned some anti-aircraft missiles into long-range missiles,” Luqman said.


Sameera Hassn