YEMEN Press Agency

Yemeni drones continue to bomb military, economic targets in coalition countries

SANAA, June 21 (YPA) – The Yemeni army’s drones continue to bomb the declared targets bank, which includes 300 military and economic targets in Saudi-led coalition countries, and bombed on Thursday evening military targets at Jizan airport.

On Thursday, Spokesman of the army Brigadier General Yahya Sarei announced that Qasef-K2 drones carried out “large-scale operations targeting places of unmanned aircrafts and military targets at Jizan airport.”

“The drones’ operations at Jizan airport hit their targets with high accuracy and caused the suspension of air navigation in the airport,” Sarei said in a statement.

International aerial monitoring centers confirmed the disruption of flights from and to Jizan airport, southwest Saudi Arabia.

The Yemeni drones’ operations on Jizan airport come after less than 48 hours from similar operations during this week against military and vital targets in Saudi Abha airport.