YEMEN Press Agency

Iraqi army bombards sites of Da’ash terrorist organization


SANAA, May 16 (YPA) –The Iraqi army on Wednesday launched a qualitative bombardment targeting members of the Da’ash terrorist organization, their vehicles, and their booby traps in the northeast of Diyala province in eastern Iraq.

In a statement received by the correspondent “Sputnik” in Iraq, the Iraqi Security Information Cell  said that the Air Force, according to the information of the Directorate General of Intelligence and Security, managed to carry out strikes focused, killing three terrorists.

The strike also resulted in the destruction of two boats, four wagons, a car and a bicycle for terrorists on the outskirts of Lake Hamrin, northeast of the province of Diyala, in the east of the country.

With the support of the Air Force and Air Force Command, the Iraqi forces continue their operations to enhance security and arrest the wanted persons.

Iraq announced the liberation of its entire territory from the grip of “Dahesh” in December 2017, after about 3 and a half years of confrontations with the terrorist organization, which occupied about a third of the country, announcing the establishment of an “alleged caliphate.”