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5 women, elderly man died of hunger in Hodeidah in 24 hours

HODEIDAH, May 10 (YPA) – Five women and an elderly man died of illness and hunger in Durayhimi district, while an elderly woman was killed and a girl was wounded by Saudi-led coalition mercenaries’ fire in Tuhita district in Hodeidah province during the past 24 hours.

According to a security source, five women and elderly man died because of disease and hunger in the city of Durayhimi besieged by the coalition forces.

The source said that the coalition forces fired 17 artillery shells and opened fire of heavy and medium machine guns at citizens’ property in the outskirts of the city.

He added that an elderly woman was killed and a little girl was injured as a result of the fall of a mortar shell fired by the coalition mercenaries on al-Faras area of Tuhita district.

The aggression coalition forces also fired 11 artillery shells and two Katyusha rockets on al-Jabaliya area of the same district.

Moreover, the coalition mercenaries bombarded with mortars and heavy and medium machine-guns three hotels and Dhubiani neighborhood in the 50th Street in the city Hodeidah and bombed the airport with more than seven mortars.