YEMEN Press Agency

JMPs reject cloning of parties by coalition’s countries

SANAA, April 16 (YPA) – The Joint Meeting of Yemeni Opposition Parties deplored the Coalition to clone the Yemeni parties after the cloning of the Yemeni Parliament.

JMPs expressed their rejection of the announcement of the coalition’s mercenaries  the so-called National Alliance of Yemeni political forces.

The joint parties stressed that such action distorts the Yemeni political experience and considered it as a national betrayal, calling for the liberation of Yemen and the world to expose and expose these illegal and puppet leaders who are trying to return Yemen to the trusteeship and dependence box.

The JMP said in a statement on Monday that “this cloning aims to claim the representation of political parties and components under the umbrella of the so-called legitimacy in the hotels of Riyadh,” and embodies a match for the service of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates and their masters.


Sameera Hassn