YEMEN Press Agency

Child injured in coalition bombing on houses in Hodeidah

HODEIDAH, April 13 (YPA)- Saudi-led coalition and its militias on Friday continue to violate the cease-fire in Hodeidah by targeting houses, civil facilities and roads, which resulted in casualties and serious damage to public and private property.

A child was seriously wounded Friday by shrapnel from a mortar shell fired by the coalition militia and fell on al-Naseri area in Tuhita district, south of Hodeidah, according to a security source.

The source said that the coalition forces and militia intensified shelling on the villages of Tuhita with various weapons, and fired 12 artillery shells on al-Faza area.

The coalition militia continued to fire from heavy and medium machine guns towards al-Dhobiani neighborhood and Al-Wahyein Mosque and Al-Qimma Hotel in the July 7 residential area, he added.

The coalition forces targeted the property, houses and farms of citizens in the villages of Zaafran and Mahal al-Sheikh in the area of Kilo 16 with more than 45 mortar shells.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni army and popular committees foiled an infiltration attempt by the coalition forces towards Hays district of Hodeidah, which inflicted casualties and losses on the coalition troops.