YEMEN Press Agency

BAYDHA’A – The commander of the forces loyal to the coalition, Colonel Saleh Al-Dharibi, long with dozens of his gunmen wer killed today in Yemen’s province of Baydha’a warfront, Yemen Press Agency reporter said on Saturday.

Al-Dharibi was killed in an ambush tightened set up by the Yemeni army forces in front of “Nata” of the province.


Al-Daribi and its armed groups tried to advance on the positions of the Yemeni army forces in the front of Nata and were surprised by tightened ambushes, while some of them were captured by Sanaa forces..


State of discontent and resentment among officers close to Al-Daribi and senior military leaders of the coalition in the area, the agency’s correspondent learned from the military among the coalition militants.


Stressing that the occurrence of an armed ambush was set up by some leaders of the first ranks of the forces loyal to the coalition and some military figures that aim to get rid of, “they say,” the honorable leaders in what they called the “national army.”


They rumored that the odious killing of Al-Dribi is a dirty plot to drain their national army, confirming that Al-Daribi was charged by Saudi-led coalition leadership to advance on the positions of the Yemeni army forces without a scheme or assign or a clear vision.