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Kuwait requests to host Qatar national team

SANAA, Feb. 2 (YPA) – The State of Kuwait has requested to host the Qatari football national team on its territory, after the historic victory of AFC Asian Cup 2019.

The Head of Kuwait Football Association Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Al-Sabah, has invited the Qatari team to a festive friendly match against the Blue (Kuwaiti football team).

Al-Sabah said the invitation coincides with Kuwait’s celebrations of the National Day and the Liberation Day.

The Qatar national team was crowned for its first Asian title in the history of the country after defeating the Japan with three goals against one, and crowned the scoring player al-Mu’izz Ali for the tournament.

The final was played in the UAE and can be seen as a major embarrassment for the Emirati regime, as Abu Dhabi has cracked down on pro-Qatari sentiment and even banned the public uttering of the word Qatar.