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Yemen’ air defence commander exposes allegations of al-Ma’amari

SANAA, March .18 (YPA) – The Air Force and Air Defense commander Major General Ibrahim Al-Shami  mocked the allegations of “Colonel” Jamil al-Ma’mari, who joined the coalition forces , and has recently nominated himself as a spokesman for the Yemeni air force and air defense who showed up on the coalition media.

During a special dialogue with Yemen Press Agency (YPA), al-Shami confirmed that no decision was issued to appoint a spokesman for the Air Force.

At the same time, he stressed that al-Ma’mari had been out of his work in the air force and air defense for nearly  10 years.

Maj. Gen. al-Shami added that al-Ma’mari was working for local councils in Taiz province, in that time he was absent from work.

Ibrahim Al-Shami Called on all media to communicate with any person in the name of the Air Force until he is officially assigned.