YEMEN Press Agency

Dozens of coalition-allied militants killed in Asir

ASIR, March 14 (YPA) – The Yemeni army forces launched on Wednesday an attack on several Saudi military positions, where groups of Saudi-paid mercenaries were stationed in Asir front, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

The attack, which was preceded by an artillery shelling, resulted in dozens of dead and wounded in the ranks of Saudi-backed militants as well as heavy losses in their military gear.

The army’s snipers shot dead 14 Saudi-backed militiamen in the same region.

Another attack was carried out against Saudi-paid mercenaries in Sabahtal site, which left a number of dead and wounded among them.

According to the official, the army forces launched an artillery and missile bombing on gatherings and artillery locations of Saudi army at Alib outlet and Shabaka and customs sites, inflicting heavy losses upon the Saudi troops.