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Saudi authorities pursue capture seducers in Twitter



RYADH, Mar. 14 (YPA)- The account of “prisoners of conscience”,  which concerned with human rights issues and political detainees in Saudi Arabia, confirmed the arrest of a famous Saudi monk Twitter account named “Kashkol”, which has long been the transfer of secrets and information leaks from within the corridors of government in the Kingdom.

“The news of the arrest of the Saudi man was made certain and his account now under the hands of the General Intelligence is confirmed to us,” the prisoners of conscience account said in twitter.

Kashkul, Mujtahid, the Ahd jadeed, and other accounts of unknown Saudis are known for their numerous leaks from within the corridors of government in Saudi Arabia, which are often proven correct.

The Saudi  authorities, in all ways and under the leadership of Ibn Salman, oppresses all its opponents and cares personally about such anonymous and embarrassing accounts of Ibn Salman as the account of Kashkool and others.

The opponent accounts  are personally concerned with the commander of electronic flies and the man of the First Crown Prince’s man Saud al-Qahtani, who pays millions of dollars to hackers in order to access the owners of these IDs and capture them.


Sameera Hassn