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Corruption scandals of ISLAH party in Bayda

BAYDA, March. 14 (YPA) –A leaked document obtained by Yemen Press Agency stated that what so-called the pro-ISLAH party forces in axis of al-Bayda province, demanding al-Maqdashi to install fictitious forces in the province.

“In accordance with operational Order No. 50, formation of  battalions participating in liberation process of al-Bayda province, we were surprised that there are brigades excluded from the list of units participating in the liberation of the 19 battalion, the main battalions in the task of liberation, which included the operational command and plans agreed with the military operations and the adviser and the leader of the coalition,” According to the leaked document seen by the Yemen Press Agency.

The pro-Islah party forces that had demanded to be installed in the province are fake forces, and they are not exist in the ranks of what so-called “al-Bayda resistance”, including those mentioned in the document, a military official told Yemen press agency.

Mohsen Khasrof  the director of the moral guidance department in Marib provided the Saudi Special Commission with statements of 500 fictitious names as conscripts in the moral guidance department of the militants loyal to the resigned exiled Riyadh-Based president Abd Rabou Mansour hadi in Marib province, and the rest of the real names are for teachers in the Ministry of Education, most of whom belonging to the ISLAH Party.