YEMEN Press Agency

Yemen army kills 22 Saudi troops, coalition-allied militants 

SANAA, March 13 (YPA) –  The Yemeni army snipers shot dead eight Saudi soldiers and 14 militants loyal to Saudi-led coalition in separate operations in inside and border fronts during the past 24 hours, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

Three Saudi soldiers were gunned down on Tuesday in the sites of Al-Haskool and Al-Nosor hill in Qais Mountain and in Al-Hamraa hill of Al-Khoba area in border front of Jizan region.

On Monday, the army’s snipers killed three Saudi soldiers in Hamidha village and two others in Al-Khazan hill site of Qua village, while three Saudi-backed militants were shot dead in al-Ramdha site in the same region.

In Asir region front, four Saudi-backed mercenaries were gunned down at Alib outlet.

In Taiz province, one militant loyal to the coalition was killed in south of the western coast, while five others were shot dead in Dhabab front and Bir Basha area.

Moreover, a militant of Saudi-led coalition troops was killed by the army’s sniper in Al-Yatma front of Jawf province.