YEMEN Press Agency

Yemen’s coasts become testing field for US defensive, offensive systems

SANAA, March 11 (YPA) – “The Yemeni coasts have become a living laboratory and a testing field for defensive and offensive laser systems”, US Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller said.

Neller assured congressional representatives, during a hearing devoted to discuss the budget, that Yemeni coasts has become a hot area for using those systems to counter any threat to US naval vessels.

US Navy units are conducting researches and tests and deploying various laser systems in the area, he added.

Last year, press reports talked about a US military destroyer earlier came under attack in the Red Sea.

Washington accused Ansaruallah movement (Houthis) of carrying out the attack, which Sanaa authorities denied what they described as “American allegations“.

Observers affirmed that the US allegations are just a prelude to its direct intervention in the Western Coast of Yemen, and in order to control Bab al-Mandeb strategic strait, especially after the US-backed Saudi-led coalition failed to do so after three years of war in Yemen.