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Army inflicts coalition forces heavy losses in Taiz

TAIZ, March 10 (YPA) – The Yemeni army on Saturday killed dozens of Saudi-backed gunmen and destroyed three military vehicles belonging to them in Taiz province and western cost front, a military official told Yemen Press Agency

A military vehicle belonging to Saudi-backed gunmen was destroyed in the western coast by a guided missile and its crew members were killed.

Dozens of Saudi-backed militias were killed and wounded, when the Yemeni army artillery fired toward theirs gatherings in the southern areas of western coast.

Army snipers units killed three Saudi-backed militants in the north of Yakhtal area.

In Taiz  province, the army launched an attack against Saudi-backed gunmen’s sites in Maqbanah area, causing heavy human and material losses in their ranks.

The army destroyed a military vehicle of the coalition’s gunmen in the south of Khaled camp, as well as shelling Saudi-backed militants’ gathering in the west of the camp, killing and wounding dozens.

Army snipers units killed three Saudi-backed gunmen off Khaled camp.

An artillery shelling destroyed a military vehicle in al-Arbeen street in Dhabab front.