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Activists hold seminar in Germany on coalition crimes in Yemen

SANAA, Nov. 25 (YPA) –The Insan organization has organised a seminar in the northern German city of Flensburg on Saturday under the title “Yemen, war crimes and collective punishment”.

At the seminar, video footage of the US-backed Saudi-led coalition’s crimes against Yemen and human tragedies was reviewed.

Speakes in the seminar discussed the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Yemen, as well as the consequences of the blockade and the invading coalition’s excuses for it. Attention was also given to analysing the real causes of the aggression.

The seminar furthermore addressed the double standards of the international community, which speaks of the world’s worst humanitarian tragedy while supporting and supplying the war against Yemen.

The conference touched upon the effects of the blockade on the economic and health situation, as well as on the Yemeni currency.

Participants discussed the role of German society in standing up against sending weapons to the invading countries and the training of pilots loyal the Saudi-backed Hadi regime in German military colleges.