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From Germany, Saudi army commander reveals facts about war on Yemen

SANAA, March 3 (YPA) – Saudi army’s dismissed chief of staff, General Abdulrahman bin Saleh al-Bunyan, described the decision of war on Yemen as hasty and that the war itself had been conducted in a random manner.

“Saudi Arabia’s entry into the war in Yemen was quick and ill-considered,” German Der Spiegel weekly magazine cited al-Bunyan as saying, after his arrival to Germany, which hosts his family.

He said that he asked for a three-month deadline before the war on Yemen, but the Saudi Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman insisted on starting the war immediately.

“Unfortunately, we failed in the Yemeni war as a Saudi army,” he said, adding that without a Pakistani force, a Sudanese force and an Egyptian force, which were not announced, the defeat of the Saudi army in Yemen would be big.

On Yemen, the deposed Saudi army commander said that it is losing a lot, but he confirmed that the Saudi army would also lose and that the chaos in Yemen would extend to reach Saudi Jizan and Najran regions and would deepen in Saudi territory.