YEMEN Press Agency

HR: military escalation in Hodeidah confirms coalition intentions to annihilate of Yemenis

SANAA, Nov. 7 (YPA) – Ministry of Human Rights said on Wednesday that the coalition’s ongoing escalation of military operations in Hodeidah province confirms its criminal intent to annihilate the Yemenis and control strategic facilities and exploitation.

The ministry condemned, in a statement, the targeting of grain silos in Hodeidah, which store tones of Wheat and flour.

The statement added that targeting came under the coalition’s systematic economic war to starve the Yemeni people and destroy vital, service and economic facilities which contrary to the principles of international and humanitarian law.

The statement held the international community, the United Nations responsibility for all crimes of coalition and military escalation in Hodeidah.

The ministry renewed its call to stop all forms of aggression and systematic siege and to establish an independent and international commission to investigate all the massacres and crimes committed by the coalition in Yemen.