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Report: Yemen army shells Saudi troops’ site, gathering on Wednesday

SANAA, Mar. 1 (YPA) – Yemen army has shelled Saudi-led coalition troops’ sites and gatherings in the battlefronts over the past 24 hours, according to military reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Thursday.

  • In Jizan border province:

Artillery and missile shells were fired toward Saudi soldiers’ gatherings in Aqabah mountain camp.

A Saudi military bulldozer was damaged in the southern Hamedhah village.

Artillery shelling targeted Saudi soldiers’ gatherings and their military vehicles beyond Khaqaqa site.

A machine gun-50 was smashed in Hamr hill by B-10 shells.

  • In the border province of Asir:

Two of Saudi-backed militias were shot dead in front of Alab crossing.

  • In Hajjah province:

Saudi-backed militias’ gatherings and fortifications were shelled by artillery in the north of Medi desert.

  • In Bayda province:

A leader f Saudi-backed militias was killed by fires of Yemen army in Natea front.

Gathering of Saudi-backed militias were targeted by artillery shells in Zahir district.

Sameera Hassn