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Aqili’s report reveals military leader who tried to assassinate him in Jawf

ADEN, Oct. 30 (YPA) –The Chief of General Staff of exiled Hadi’s Ministry of Defense accused the adviser of Hadi for military affairs of his assassination attempt in Jawf province early last January.
Sources close to Major General Aqili said that he sent a report to the Saudi military command which contains information on the field investigations into the incident of an assassination attempt by a landmine during his visit to Jawf.
Aqili pointed out that the preliminary investigation reports confirm the involvement of Hadi adviser for military affairs, Muhammad Ali al-Maqdisi in his assassination, who was appointed chief of staff to replace the shrine after the formation of armed militias of elements of the Islah Party.
The source did not disclose additional information about the content of the report presented by Aqili to the Saudi military leadership during the past day.