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France’s Macron tells Erdogan Syria truce also applies to Afrin

PARIS, Feb. 27 (YPA) – French President Emmanuel Macron told the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan by telephone on Monday that the truce, which the Security Council called for in Syria, also applies to its operations against Kurdish militants in the Afrin region.

In his telephone conversation with Erdogan, Macron stressed on the need to observe the ceasefire regime in Syria, adding that French supervision of relief efforts and chemical weapons was “comprehensive and lasting”.

Sources in the Turkish presidency reported that Erdogan informed Macron about the current olive branch in Afrin, saying that the removal of terrorist elements from Afrin will bring the return of the Syrian refugees to their country.

Erdogan stressed that Turkey has taken all necessary measures to prevent the civilians of harm in the Olive Branch Operation.

On January 20, Turkey announced the launch of a military operation called the ” Olive Branch” which i targeted the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units and Daesh/Isis in Afrin, northwest of Syria.

Last Saturday, the UN Security Council unanimously voted in favor of a draft law on a truce in Syria. The resolution provides for a ceasefire without delay for at least 30 days and for unconditional and safe medical evacuation.


Sameera Hassn