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Al-Jawbani accuses UAE occupation forces of making chaos in southern Yemen

SHABWA, Feb. 27 (YPA) – The governor of Shabwa province Gen. Ali bin Rashid al-Harthi, appointed by exiled resigned Riyadh- based President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi, called on Coalition leadership  to set up investigation committee to investigate  personal accusations against him by Hadi’s transport minister Saleh al-Jubwani, according to a document seen by Yemen Press Agency.

The document was officially sent to resigned Riyadh- based President Hadi.

During a press conference was held on Monday, Hadi’s transport minister Saleh al-Jubwani launched an attack on UAE and what so-called Shabwani elite forces, describing the Shabwani elite forces as mercenaries and UAE occupation forces are making chaos in Yemen’s southern provinces.

In earlier time, the militants of what so-called Shabwani elite forces stopped the minister’s convoy and detained him along with Shabwa governor Saleh al-Jubwani, while they were going to put a foundation stone for Qena port, not allowing them to return to Ataqa city of the province.