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Kamaran 5th championship’s competitions for Tennis still on going in Capital

SANAA, Oct. 1 (YPA) – The competitions of 5th championship of Kamaran for tennis organized in the capital Sanaa still on going on Monday.

Seven categories participate to this championship organized by the General Federation for Tennis and squash financed by Kamaran company for Industry and Investment.

The seven categories include kids, children, youth, girls, pioneers and females and males handicapped.

In kids category, the player Abudul Rahman Shabeel won over Nizar al-Absy, Shihab al-Amrany over Tomy al-Kumim, Ahmed Mazoud over Ayham Loutf, Rashid Mohammad over Kahlan.

In Adult category, the player Mania al-Makaleh won over Samy al-Ward, Majdy abdul Wasia over Abdul Karmeem al-Rabiee, Sadam al-Zoubiry over Hussein al-Khulany, Ahmed al-Maghreby over Mohammad al-Kabary, Fahmy al-Ward over Suheeb al-Ansy, Abdullah al-Marony over Riyadh al-Maghreby.

The pioneers category, the player Gais al-Shaher won over Mohammad al-Sourmy, Nabeel Mazoud won Salah al-Amiry, Ahmad al-Sadik over Ahmed al-Dailmy and Abdul Malik Sareeh over Mohammad al-Taeeb.

Ahmed Al-Mutawakel