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Report: Army wages attacks on Saudi enemy’s gatherings in Tuesday

SANAA, Feb. 21 (YPA) – Yemen army has waged military offensive and artillery shelling on Saudi army and its militias’ gatherings in several fronts on Tuesday, military officials told Yemen Press Agency on Wednesday.

Saudi aggression media admitted the killing of 3  and wounding 3 of  its soldiers in clashes with the army and popular forces in border fronts line.

  • In Najran province:

Dozens of Saudi-backed militias were killed and wounded  during repelling their infiltration toward Adhiaq and Mahjuba mountains in front of Boqea desert, destroying three military vehicles under the cover of various types of warplanes.

  • In Jizan border province:

Gatherings of Saudi soldiers shelled by artillery in Khashel and Faridhah sites.

A Saudi military vehicle was bombed by an explosive device in Hathira site, killing all its crew.

  • In the border province of Asir:

Saudi soldiers and militias’ gatherings were shelled in Alab crossing, costume, Hanjer, Fill-Shaibani, Shabakah site, and the hills of Khazan and Qanasin.

  • In Yemen province of Jawf:

Gatherings of militias were targeted by artillery shells in utemah front of Khub-washaaf district.

Dozens of militias were killed and wounded during artillery shelling in Sabrain area of Khub-washaaf.

Gatherings of militias and military vehicles were shelled in Mahamisha area of Khub-washaaf, destroying a vehicle and killing and wounding many of them.

Two of Saudi-backed militias were sniped in Mahamisha.

Katyusha rockets were fired toward militias’ gatherings in Mahamisha.

  • In Taiz province:

Gatherings of militias and their military vehicles were targeted by artillery in the west of Khaled camp in Moazea district, killing and wounding dozens.

An infiltration of militias was foiled in Abar of Sarmain district, killing and wounding dozens.

A militias’ military vehicle was burned by a guided rocket in the western coast.

Four Saudi-backed militias were killed in Taiz.

  • In Bayda province:

Artillery shelling targeted gatherings of militias and their military vehicles in Natea front.

  • In Lahj province:

Yemen army foiled a militias’ infiltration toward Shaznanh area of Qubaida district.

  • In Marib province:

Sniper unit of Yemen army shot dead four militias in Surwah district.


Sameera Hassn