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Diplomatic sources: Deadly illness threatens Hadi’s life

SANAA, Aug.16 (YPA) – Doctors in Egypt carried out medical checkup for the exiled Hadi during his recent visit to Cairo and confirmed that he is suffering from a serious illness and he is living in his last days, diplomatic sources quoted Egyptian doctors as saying.

According to the sources, all medical reports confirmed that Hadi suffered from cancer in the stomach and liver, and doctors predicted that he would die at any moment after the disease reached its final stages.

According to the Egyptian medical team, Hadi’s chances of recovering from his illness are very rare, and any surgery will be a high risk because its success rate is futile.

UAE occupation authorities pledged to treat “Hadi” in hospitals and willing to use the best doctors to treat him, in the coming days, the sources said

However, Hadi preferred to go to Riyadh, in response to a call by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to cut his short visit, and diplomatic sources said the surgery is likely to be conducted in a Saudi hospital.

The sources denied the news, circulated by the coalition-backed media that say Hadi’s visit to Cairo aimed to meet some leaders of the General People’s Congress  (GPC) party or to hold a reconciliation with him.