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Court executes 3 man for kidnap, rape boy

SANAA, Aug. 8 (YPA) – The court of Appeal and judicial authorities in the capital Sanaa on Wednesday executed three man  after convicted them of raping and killing ten-year-old boy  Massad Saleh Mohammed al-Muthanna.

The execution of the three men was carried out in a public place in Tahrir Square in central Sanaa where thousands of people witnessed the scene.

The execution was also attended by judicial representatives, members of the family of the victim child and media outlets.

The execution, supported by the Supreme Court and approved by the President of the Supreme Political Council, was executed by Shooting against, Abdel Jalil Saleh Al-Ashhab, Mohammad Saad Al-Aqri and Ghaleb Homs Al-Rashdi.


Sameera Hassn