YEMEN Press Agency

Currency exchange rates record new high against Yemeni riyal in Aden

SANAA, June 22 (YPA) – Currency exchange rates recorded on Saturday a new high against the local currency in the city of Aden and the rest of the areas under the control of the Saudi-led coalition in southern and eastern Yemen.

Banking sources in the city of Aden reported that the price of one dollar reached 1,820 riyals for sale, while the purchase price of the dollar reached 1,805 riyals, while the Saudi riyal recorded 477 riyals for sale and 475 riyals for purchase in Aden.

Meanwhile, the currency exchange rates maintained stability in the areas under the control of the Sanaa government at the barrier of 532 riyals to one dollar.

The local currency in the areas of Yemen under the control of the coalition is facing a state of continuous collapse, and the collapse of the currency has been reflected in the deterioration of the living conditions of citizens due to the pro-coalition government’s printing of more than five trillion riyals without cover.