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Trudeau expresses concerns over success of Right-Wing forces in European parliament elections

WORLD, June 11 (YPA) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his concern over the growing popularity of right-wing parties, as it is clear by the results of the ongoing European Parliament elections.

Commenting on the European Parliament election results in France on Monday, Trudeau said to reporters: “We are seeing an increase in the popularity of right-wing populist forces worldwide, in almost every democratic country… This is concerning.”

“It is of concern to see political parties choosing to instrumental anger, fear, division anxiety,” added.

This comes in the context of the far-right National Rally party, led by Jordan Bardella, who succeeded Marine Le Pen as party leader, receiving 31.4% of the votes, while the Renaissance party, supportive of French President Emmanuel Macron, received only 14.6%.

In light of these results for the European Parliament elections in France, President Macron announced dissolving the National Assembly and calling early legislative elections in the country on June 30th.