YEMEN Press Agency

US-UK aggression warplanes wage fresh airstrikes on Yemen

HODEIDA, June 07 (YPA)-  The US-UK aggression warplanes launched on Friday a series of airstrikes on Hodeida governorate in western Yemen.

 A security source in the governorate reported that the US-UK air forces targeted Hodeida Airport with four airstrikes and targeted the Al-Jad dock at Al-Salif Port, targeting fishermen’s boats with one airstrike.

The attacks come less than 24 hours after the aggression air forces carried out two airstrikes on the Al-Luhayyah coast.

Meanwhile, security sources in the capital Sanaa said that the US-UK aggression targeted  al-Seyana neighborhood with two airstrikes.

Washington and London launched airstrikes a week ago targeting several areas in of Hodeida governorate, resulting in the martyrdom of 15 civilians and the injury of dozens.

This is part of an ongoing aggression against Yemen, in a desperate attempt to prevent Yemen from continuing its decision to block Zionist ships from passing through the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean in support of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, who are facing a genocidal war by the Nazi Zionist entity.