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Hamas: ending the aggression and reconstruction are guarantees for ceasefire in Gaza

GAZA, June 07 (YPA) -Osama Hamdan, a member of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”, confirmed that the movement was not prepared to consider any ideas excluding an end to the aggression, withdrawal of occupation forces, and Gaza’s reconstruction.

In a televised interview, Hamdan stated that “the occupation does not want to stop the aggression, and there are no guarantees.”

He emphasized at the same time that Hamas will not consider any new ideas before the Israeli side agrees to the mediators’ proposal.

Hamdan added,” the movement was not interested in discussing Israeli Occupation response to mediator proposals, focusing instead on Tel Aviv’s compliance.”

Regarding the US’s stance, he confirmed that the Americans are partners in the aggression, not mediators that can be relied upon”

“The American administration is a partner in all the massacres and practices by “Israel” against our people in the Gaza Strip,” he stressed.